Entry: Back Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Extremely sorry for the delay again!

Lots of catching up to do….and so less time to do it in…story of my life!


Firstly, check out Brij’s link blog if you haven’t already. He’s been active when I wasn’t, and has a lot to offer… (I especially liked the Doom 3 mod link.)

Then I missed mentioning the new competition to iPod Shuffle…the flash player from Sony (this link is a list of their line up actually) about which you would have no doubt heard already. It was so extensively mentioned by the media that that was more of a surprise than the product itself. Not that the product is nothing different! It claims to have what shuffle hasn’t… nice options to choose from in small increments ($20, I think) of price…FM tuner, voice recording, OLED display. Yes, all are optional. The price is a bit more, but the power consumption is supposedly 50-70hrs with a 3min charge equal to 3 hour play time!  

This should seriously spruce up the other products, Apple especially! The mp3 players’ sales are climbing.


Now Sony seems to have a corporate level competition. Samsung is going the sony way. They also released a massive 7 MP camera phone at CeBit. Others are catching up. Story.

The other day I was seeing the interview Scoble had conducted about Microsoft’s Windows XP Media Centre (that I had downloaded aeons ago, but didn’t find time to actually view). You should be able to find it on his site. Just gives a glimpse into our future. It featured a cool portable video player from Samsung. Also, check out the Media Centre community known as TGB aka the green button.


News abound! Yahoo is launching a blog site called Yahoo 360°. So is Amazon, with its tie up with 43 things. (Source CNET). Supposedly, Yahoo has already launched a blogs (beta) in Japan and Korea. Read the full story. I am very curious (read: exited) about Yahoo blogs… surely, they’ll be combining the best of all the worlds…Launchcast, photos, mail…everything Yahoo has developed in the past decade, and has to offer in the future, all at one place!

Add Dave Winer’s new pet project (following brij’s link) to this, and you have the future right here right now.


Finally, the scoop of the …well since it is an old site, I don’t know if it’s the scoop of the month, or year or what.

Check out http://www.savetoby.com and see for yourself how people can profit from emotional blackmail online! (Source tho’ I forgot where I found the link to Kunal!)


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