Entry: Apples and Oranges Monday, February 28, 2005

Shuffle has new accessories, says this nicely titled article on CNET.

But what makes the Shuffle tick? Supposedly it has dual chips making the music. Details say that it is running at not even half the power it is capable of!

Another one tells us what I already knew (no bragging here). They have some ideas, but nothing “schemes” as we have in Windows. Imagine not having different colours for different seasons, moods, occasions…etc. Even the cheapest mobile phones have profiles!

Moreover, those who want to customise iPods will do so, whether Apple likes it or not, as Francis Hwang has done. (Source: Wired)

It’s a tradegy that Jef Raskin, the pioneer of Mac and User Interfaces passed away, not fully appreciated, last week. (CNET and Scobleizer). Coincidently, last month was also the 20th anniversary of the Mac. Related article on wired.


In the rest of the world, Google’s AutoLink has been featured on news too, though those of you who are regular here had already read about it earlier (So sorry about the mismatched name. I meant AutoLink where I have mentioned it as AutoFill)


Finally, check Steve Rubel’s post combining Apple and AutoLink.


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