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Wired has some awesome stuff every time. A case of Chicken soup for the environmentalist soul, I think.

Then there’s this article that talks about design. I followed the links in that one, and mind you they’re too good. Number27, the design firm is doing an amazing job with their wordcount and 10x10. Even their site for Oral Fixation is a masterpiece. I would certainly have bought a box… I think I’d already have had a few had I known it existed.

The flash intro on their earlier website is worth checking out.

Meanwhile, also check out gigapxl and its story.


Moving on, seems radio listening is undergoing radical changes. (It had to…) This old article on wired was just a precursor. Their latest post on the subject (not latest exactly, but considering their link was broken yesterday…. Yeah, I did tell them about it) is surely an iOpener (sorry, couldn’t resist that one). It’s a big article and if you don’t bother with nice fonts and CSS, you could do what I did and go to their printer friendly version where you can read the whole article.

If you are impatient, just see HD Radio at a glance and On-Demand Radio at a Glance.

A nice gadget for radio fans from pogoproducts is also featured.

And finally, Adam Curry has done a great job linking iPod to radio (as I am trying to do here… were you sure that for once, this was not related to iPod?).

Detailed story on Wired.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2005 at 03:34 am by connoisseur


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