Googl(e)y Ė 2

There has been quite a furor in the blogging world. (Source: Steve Rubel)

Apparently, Google, rather, their new updated toolbar, is the latest in the news after its controversial Autofill feature for supposed world domination.

After this dies down, Google might give in, it might not. But what do the masses (read: technologically challenged) care? Millions will download and install the toolbar and most probably think itís Ďreally neatí the way Google renders maps and all that. (See my earlier post). Most wonít even know that they have been manipulated.

And supposing if they do change the feature, this wonít stop others from creating similar features in their own toolbars.

Frankly, even I donít care. I donít like toolbars and I donít like any clutter on my already sparse desktop real estate. Installing any of Google Tools, or for that matter, any of the utility tools that run incessantly in the background is a strain on the CPU and memory. Already, the antivirus software eats up most of the processor and I wonít want any additional drain.

So until they come up with a tool that is truly useful, I wonít install it. I would rather spend some extra time doing the things I want in the traditional way.

Genuinely, what is it that you canít do without these gimmicks?

Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2005 at 01:27 am by connoisseur


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