Media Xplosion…continued.

An update:

Was checking out, since I was intrigued by their much publicised ad.

There, they have this amazing flash demo that imagines some scenarios in the future where their products would be used. (The tablet PC looks really cool…)

I was surprised to see the Creative’s Portable Media Player that I mentioned in my prev. post in one of those videos. In fact, I even found a video (good one, this too) that features this player quite extensively.

I guess MS guys have some kind of a tie up with the Creative folks.

That also might explain how Gates happens to use their portable music player. (Source: Article on Brij’s link blog).


It certainly is a small world.

Posted on Monday, February 21, 2005 at 04:15 am by connoisseur

February 23, 2005   02:04 AM PST
Thanks :)
February 21, 2005   10:57 AM PST
Good links. I was impressed with the flash presentation. The Speech Tech guy was a little funny and effiminate:) but that was ok. Just put a link to you site from my area.

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