Mixed Bag

Sorry for the delay…was lost up in many activities that make up our lives.


I’ll post here some links that would be good pastime over the weekend, so enjoy your weekend (while I attend the Mark Knopfler concert).

 Most have come via email:

An optical illusion to get you started.

Go on to see this amazing ad.

Then maybe, you could spend some hours knowing yourself via some surveys and questionnaires (what else) though, keep in mind that these are completely an(n)onymous unlike those featured on emode… (Obviously, since the purposes are different)

Cnet news and wired both have reports on Steve Fossett’s successful completion of his circumnavigation around the globe.

Want to make yourself famous? Why not have a planet named after you? You’ll need to volunteer first.

Or you can be a DJ- using HP’s new toy that enhances the music experience started by Apple.

But perhaps the news that would shock you the most: the media-invisible giant who is right in front of you. Read how behemoths battle as Yahoo! celebrates its 10th anniversary by giving out free ice cream (Source: CNET) and if you want to track the 10 years through 100 photos, you’d need to head here. (If you had read my Misc blog, you’d have known where it got the inspiration from!)


So long then…till next post, enjoy the weekend!

Posted on Friday, March 04, 2005 at 08:01 pm by connoisseur


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